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Why more Aussies are switching off heaters

Written by on May 16, 2024

Despite the federal government giving households across the nation $300 to offset their electricity bill, 53 per cent of Aussies still plan on switching off their heater this winter and wear more clothing to stay warm and reduce costs.

A Finder survey of more than 1000 people revealed about 50 per cent of respondents would try to cut their electricity costs by switching off lights and unused appliances, as well as wear more clothes.

Another ome-third said they would only heat the room being used and would take shorter showers to try to save money.

Finder utilities expert Mariam Gabaji said households had felt the pinch of steadily rising energy costs for the past few years.

“Many Australians faced higher than normal electricity bills during the summer months,” she said.

“People are now taking matters into their own hands to reduce the cost of their energy bill, especially with winter fast approaching and electricity prices set to change once again on July 1.

“Even with the new rebates, we’re anticipating some parts of the country will be hit with higher prices.”

Finder’s consumer sentiment tracker revealed 27 per cent of Aussies rated their energy bill as one of their top causes of financial stress.

Despite this, just 13 per cent will switch energy providers to reduce their energy bills this winter.

She recommended Aussies should shop around and compare plans from different energy providers as this could lead to significant savings.

“You can even use your comparisons as leverage when calling your current provider to negotiate a better deal,” she said.

“If you’re struggling to pay your electricity bill, get in touch with your retailer – most have hardship programs in place to assist customers facing financial difficulties.

“They’ll also be able to tell you if you’re entitled to any government rebates or concessions that can help reduce your energy bill over the year.”

Ms Gabaji said there were ways to stay warm during the cooler months without cranking up the heater.

“Layering extra clothes and sealing drafts around windows and doors can help vulnerable Aussies benefit from the cold,” she said.

“Electric blankets are also a great way to keep warm, and use up significantly less energy than a heater.”