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Unexpected job offering $50 per hour after just one week of training

Written by on May 18, 2024

A Sydney worker has openly shared he landed a job making between $45 to $50 per hour after just a week of training.

Recently, Aussies have begun to defy the taboo of discussing their salaries, revealing the vast spectrum of pay scales available in Australia.

A new jobs app, Getahead, who describes their app “like Tinder for jobs”, shared a video of a Sydney man who revealed he’s making more than the average hourly income.

The man revealed he works on tall buildings in the state’s capital, where the tasks can vary from cleaning windows to helping maintain or restore the integrity of structures and buildings.

“We always do a different type of work, it can be like remedial work because old buildings sometimes have cracks on it,” he said.

“It can be between $45 and $50 and sometimes it is more. It depends on what type of work we do”.

He also mentioned in the video that he landed the job in Sydney after completing a “one-week training” course through the Industrial Ropes Access Trade Association (IRATA).

“Just one week training, the tickets, they call it IRATA,” he said.

Unexpected job offers $50 per hour with no university degree

On average, rope access workers earn around $80,000 to $90,000 per year, or about $50 to $60 per hour, as per national data from SEEK.

In the video the man also shared he found the abseiling aspect of the job enjoyable initially, but confessed that after a few years, the job, like many, can become more of a “routine”.

“Yeah, it’s [exciting] in the beginning and then a few years when you work like that you get [into a] routine,” he said.

While the job may not be suitable for those afraid of heights, the worker doesn’t consider it particularly dangerous, saying they have a safety rope to fall back on.

“We are on two ropes. If you fall from that one, you have that one,” he said.

Many who watched the TikTok video believed that the majority of people wouldn’t be able to do that type of job.

“Factor in that 95 per cent of people couldn’t do it” one person commented.

“Some buildings are 50 stories up, don’t think many have it in them to do it,” another said.

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One commenter was shocked the job paid $50 an hour after only a week of training.

New data from Indeed shows that construction managers earn the highest average income without a university degree, at $171,341.

Followed by project managers at $125,052, and underground miners at $120,399.

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