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‘Torture’: Drug dealer bribed, raped girls

Written by on May 15, 2024

A cross-dressing drug dealer who supplied “extremely vulnerable” teenage girls with meth, then raped them at his home, has been sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Jason Andrew Green faced a lengthy trial in the West Australian District Court after he pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated sexual penetration without consent, encouraging children to engage in sexual behaviour, sexual penetration without consent, and unlawful and indecent assault.

Judge Linda Black said Green was being convicted for “extremely serious sexual offending”.

“The word ‘torture’ is not inappropriate,” she said.

His victims were teenage girls who were homeless or had a problematic family life and drug addictions.

Green groomed them by bribing them with meth, then forced them to have sex with him despite their pleas to stop.

“These girls were young. They were enticed by using meth. You knew full well they would struggle to afford it, and you decided to trade drugs for sex,” Judge Black said.

“The nature of some of your sexual conduct involved levels of violence, it involved indications of pain, it involved requests repeated for you to stop, and you ignoring them all.”

The court heard on one occasion Green gave one of his victims drugs then returned dressed in a schoolgirl outfit.

Judge Black said while it was acceptable for people to cross-dress, it could be said that a relatively small number of women would be interested in having sex with a grown man dressed as a schoolgirl.

“Let alone a (teenager) who had never engaged in sexual conduct with you before.”

Judge Black said the victim asked her attacker to stop and Green refused.

“If there be such a thing as a classic sexual assault or rape, this was it,” she said.

The court heard another of Green’s victims had an intellectual disability and he had turned his home into a drug haven for her so she felt “safer” than the alleged violence happening at her own home.

But it was Green’s house where the victim was raped and given drugs in return for sexual conduct.

“Your house was a house where the victim … had her neck squeezed, her hair pulled, her protests ignored and her cries of pain ignored,” Judge Black said.

“Your house was the most unsafe place that the victim could possibly have been, and you made it so.

“You turned it into a place where you could sexually assault her at will.”

Another victim was offered drugs, shoes and mobile phones in exchange for sexual acts, which never took place.

“Were it not for the brave actions of one teenage girl who went and dobbed on you … who knows how many other young girls out in the community would have fallen victim or prey to your appalling, disgusting, and disgraceful behaviour?” Judge Black said.

“The character you showed during the course of committing these offences was of the most appalling kind.”

She said to describe the victims as vulnerable was an understatement.

“They were extremely vulnerable, and you were extremely predatory. Your conduct was calculated, systematic, prolonged, violent, brutal, and unlawful.”