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Premier brags over state’s $1300 bill relief

Written by on May 15, 2024

All Queenslanders will be able to access $1300 in annual electricity bill relief, covering the vast majority of an annual household’s average power bill.

Following the state government’s decision to give every Queensland household a $1000 credit on their power bills, Tuesday’s federal budget gave all Australians a further $300 rebate – bringing the total to a generous $1300.

On Wednesday morning, a jubilant Queensland Premier Steven Miles took to X to share the good news.

“We had some really big news overnight that I’d like to share with Queensland. You might already know that we’re taking $1000 off every household’s power bill but last night the Albanese government announced that they’d add $300 to that,” he said in a short video.

“So every Queensland household will get $1300 off their power bill.”

According to comparison site Canstar Blue, the average quarterly electricity bill for a Brisbane household is $320, or $1280 annually.

Compare the Market puts the average quarterly charge for a Queensland household at $389.10, or $1556.40.

Announced in July, the state government policy will begin in July this year, with the funds automatically credited to eligible accounts.

The federal government’s automatic rebate will also begin in July, however it will be delivered in four $75 amounts every quarter.

Since handing down the budget, the government has had to defend the policy, remaining firm the cost-of-living relief would not exacerbate inflation.

“The very clear advice we got from Treasury was that by designing our cost-of-living package the way we have,” Dr Chalmers told the National Press Club on Wednesday.

“We will take the edge off inflation and won’t add to inflationary pressures elsewhere in the economy.

“We took that advice very seriously and we proceeded on that basis.”

Unlike Queensland, and the federal government’s surprise budget sweetener, most existing rebates which exist in other states and territories are means tested.

In NSW, families who receive eligible Family Tax Benefits or have an eligible Commonwealth concession card can receive a one-off $500 payment until June 30, 2024.

Victorians with either a veterans, pensioners, or Health Care Card (including the Low Income Health Care Card) can get $250 in bill relief. Similar schemes are also in place in Tasmania.

Eligible households can also apply for rebates in the ACT ($175), Northern Territory ($350), and South Australia ($500 paid in quarterly amounts of $125).

The West Australian government also gives up to $500 in extra rebates to concession card and eligible customers who qualify for the Energy Assistance Payment, however all households can also access a $400 credit.