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Peris quits job over Gaza conflict

Written by on May 21, 2024

Gold medal Olympian Nova Peris has quit her job at the Australian Republic Movement after a conflict erupted with her co-chair Craig Foster.

Her shock resignation comes in the wake of a letter sent by Mr Foster to Football Australia, the International Federation of Association Football and the West Asian Football Federation, which he made public on social media.

The former Socceroo wrote to the sporting organisations, asking them to suspend Israel from an upcoming FIFA conference because of its involvement in the Gaza conflict.

Mr Foster said in the letter that the International Court of Justice had deemed Israel’s actions as “plausible genocide”.

“Every member of the football community and your governing body, Football Australia has a duty of care to do everything possible to stop genocide wherever, and whenever it occurs,” he said.

He said the “mass slaughter” of Palestinians had “shocked” Australians, who wanted to see a ceasefire along with the football community.

Ms Peris has been a strong supporter of the Jewish community and recently visited Israel.

She wrote on social media that as a First Nation woman she understood what it was like to have your very existence erased.

“I’ve shed many tears listening and bearing witness to the stories of horror,” she said.

“To the Jewish people, I’m truly sorry. I share your pain.”

Australian Republic Movement national director and chief executive Isaac Jeffrey released a short statement on Tuesday, confirming Ms Peris had quit.

“On behalf of the Australian Republic Movement, I thank Nova for her proud support and lifelong advocacy for Australia to become an equal on the world stage through an Aussie republic,” he said.

“Her role with the organisation has helped move the country another step closer to a stronger democracy through having our own Head of State.

“We wish her well in her future endeavours and look forward to her ongoing support for an Australian republic.”

Also following her resignation, Mr Foster posted on social media that he wished her the best.

“Wishing Nova the greatest success and my deepest thanks for her long and distinguished service to the Republic Movement. An incredible contribution,” he said.

“There can, however be no silence when a duty to protect other humans exists for us all. Including sport.”

NewsWire is seeking comment from Ms Peris.