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Mum’s heartbreaking act of kindness

Written by on June 28, 2024

A Melbourne mother’s random act of kindness revealed her own heartbreaking story after the man asked why she had helped him.

Danielle Brown was approached by a stranger at a shopping centre and was rewarded for showing the man immense kindness despite suffering her own battles.

Social media star Samuel Weidenhofer filmed the interaction for his Instagram page @itssozer where he shares interactions with strangers showing people doing random acts of kindness, which he rewards for their generosity.

He approached the Melbourne mother of four Danielle Brown at a shopping centre car park asking her for a few dollars so he could catch a bus to a family reunion.

Without hesitating, Ms Brown looks through her handbag telling the stranger she had no idea how much buses cost and gave him $20.

“Twenty bucks, are you sure,” Mr Weidenhofer said to her.

“Yeah of course,” she replied.

Mr Weidenhofer asked the mum why she helped him, who said, “why not.”

“Everyone is going through their thing,” Ms Brown replied.

“We have sort of learnt that the hard way, there has been a few things and if you can be kind why not.”

Ms Brown shared with the stranger that her husband had been diagnosed with incurable brain cancer last year and that her biggest dream was to share as many memories with her husband while they still could.

“We would love to go on holidays, we would love to do all that but it is money,” she said.

Mr Weidenhofer returns the $20 to Ms Brown then hands her $1000 to put towards a holiday, a second man appears representing Derrimut gym and gives the woman another $2000.

“Than you so much,” she tells the men giving them a big hug.

“I don’t have any words.”

She phones her husband Murray who can be heard on the phone saying, “I’m crying over here.”

“That is pretty incredible and we will definitely create a lot more memories while we have the time,” he said.

Mr Weidenhofer went a step further to help Ms Brown and her family setting up a Go Fund Me page so they could create memories together, which has raised almost $32,000.

Mr Brown lives with cystic fibrosis and thought he was the “luckiest guy in the world” when he received a double lung transplant 12 years ago.

But a seizure led to the devastating diagnosis of a brain tumour.

“Being the fighter Murray is he jumped right into radiation and chemotherapy to gain as much time as he can with the beautiful family he and Danielle have created,” Mr Weidenhofer said.

“They don’t deserve the cards they’ve been dealt but they deserve incredible memories that Danielle and the kids can cherish forever.”

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