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Mums furious after ‘woke’ school change

Written by on May 9, 2024

Mothers from a prestigious private school in NSW have been left outraged following a “woke” change to a beloved tradition.

Hunter Valley Grammar School has changed the name of its Mother’s Day Stall to Family Gift Stall, with inclusivity concerns reportedly the reason for the change.

The stall will be put up on Friday ahead of Mother’s Day on Sunday.

“The purpose of the stall is to celebrate loved ones,” a school email to parents reads.

“On Friday, students from K-6 will have the opportunity to visit the stall.

“Students have the special job of choosing a gift for their loved one in mind.”

But some mums have expressed anger over the name change, arguing it degrades their special role as mums.

“By changing the name it feels like you are sending the message to students that mums are no more important than anyone else in their lives they think are special,” one mother told The Daily Telegraph.

“It is the one day a year where mums are celebrated and recognised.”

Another mum slammed the change as “woke ideology”.

“As a concerned parent I am deeply concerned about gender ideology infiltrating our schools and how proponents of this movement are not only seeking to erase important and meaningful gendered terms such as mother, girl, boy, breast, but also seek through the guise of ‘inclusion’ to erase valued traditions such as Mother’s Day,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

“(The) one day a year dedicated to all mums, future, past and present, to appreciate their value, sacrifices and unconditional love.”

It’s understood the school opted for the change based on feedback from its community.

The school is near Maitland, about two hours’ drive north of Sydney.

It’ an independent, secular and coeducational school for children in preschool through to year 12.

The school has been contacted for comment.