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Macca’s worker filmed in disgusting act

Written by on May 21, 2024

A McDonald’s worker has been filmed drying a mop head under the restaurant’s fries warmer, centimetres away from food.

The fast-food chain has insisted the gross act, which occurred several weeks ago in a branch in the Ipswich suburb of Booval, southwest of Brisbane, was an “isolated incident”.

McDonald's manager is seen drying a mop under the fries warmer

A short video of the female worker holding what appears to be a detachable microfibre mop head underneath the heater, close to boxes of fries, quickly went viral after being shared by the Subtle Bogan Traits Facebook page.

“So that’s where the flavour comes from,” one person joked.

“Back in our day we just used Angus seasoning for the shaker fries,” another added.

“Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed mop,” a third wrote.

One person quipped: “The old McMop is back! Must be limited time only get in while [they’re] hot.”

Someone else said: “Thought she was cooking a pigeon.”

Another joked: “Finally something on the menu with taste.”

But many users simply expressed disgust.

“May as well just sweep the fries around on the floor for flavour,” one wrote, with a vomiting emjoi.

Another said it “honestly doesn’t surprise me”.

“When I worked at Macca’s, I was astounded by the number of violations made for safety and hygiene,” he added.

One woman commented: “Not surprised. The state of cleanliness in a lot of Macca’s stores is disgusting, their toilets in some stores are a health hazard.”

It’s understood the worker will keep her job, and that McDonald’s addressed the incident with the restaurant at the time.

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“McDonald’s takes food safety extremely seriously and follows strict cleaning, sanitisation and hygiene procedures in all restaurants,” a spokeswoman said.

“We have addressed this with the restaurant directly and conducted thorough retraining for all employees on McDonald’s sanitisation, hygiene and food safety procedures. This was an isolated incident, and we will continue to work with the restaurant to ensure this does not happen again.”