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Lotto winners reveal how they spent their cash prize

Written by on May 22, 2024

As people across the nation dream about what they will do if they win Thursday’s massive $150m Powerball jackpot, past Lotto winners have shared how they spent their winnings.

From a whiz-bang sewing machine and a new shed, to being trackside at the Monaco Grand Prix and skydiving, recent division one winners shared their unique ways they have enjoyed their lottery loots.

The $150m Powerball jackpot, which coincidentally falls on the game’s 28th year anniversary on Thursday, comes after there have been no division one winning entries during the past six draws.

The Lott spokesman Anna Hobdell said while most division one winners commonly bought a new home, enjoyed a lavish holiday, and helped family and friends, some winners weren’t afraid to step outside of the box and indulge in some rather unique plans.

More than half of last year’s division one winner invested money for the future, 40 per cent helped family and friends, 35 per cent bought a new car, and 26 per cent paid off their mortgage or bought a new home.

One winner paid for a cruise for the whole family one week after Christmas, taking 38 of their nearest and dearest on a voyage out to sea.

Another winner revealed they fulfilled a lifelong dream and travelled to the Monaco Grand Prix.

“We’re taking a family trip to France in a month,” one winner said.

“I did a skydive over the Gold Coast.”

Another person said they helped their son with some bills and preparation for his wedding, and one winner donated some money to their son and best friend after buying a house and a car.

“We gave every close relative a gift of the same amount. They each received a separate cheque with a note to use as they wanted. That gave us so much joy. We have set our own three kids up with a deposit for a house,” one winner revealed.

“We are in the process of setting up a not-for-profit charity to donate to a range of charities, including but not limited to the Royal Flying Doctors, Royal Children’s Hospital and CANTEEN.”

Some of the more unique purchases included a person paying for their sister’s decking, and spending the money on sensible items like a fence and shed.

“I did purchase some home items that will immediately make my life more comfortable: New washing machine, fridge and leaf blower for the yard. Looking at an electric gate for the property entry,” one winner said.

Ms Hobdell said Thursday night’s momentous $150m Powerball draw gave players the chance to dream big and claim the title as Australia’s biggest individual lottery winner.

“We expect up to half of Australian adults to have an entry into the $150m Powerball draw, with many Aussies hoping to tick some amazing aspirations off their bucket list,” she said.

“If one person takes home the entire $150m Powerball prize on Thursday night, they’ll not only expect a hefty boost to their bank account, but they’ll instantly become Australia’s biggest individual lottery winner.

“An inner-Sydney mum in her 40s currently holds the title for the biggest individual lottery winner in Australia after scoring a phenomenal $107m in 2019.

“Despite becoming a newly minted millionaire, she continues to clean and cook for her family but was happy to ‘never pick up a single iron ever again’.

“We can’t wait to see if we’ll be calling anyone on Thursday night to let them know they’ve scored a life-changing division one prize.”