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Lotto unveils the luckiest winning numbers

Written by on May 10, 2024

The luckiest winning lotto numbers and suburbs have been revealed ahead of this weekend’s draw where the jackpot has reached a staggering $503 million.

Ahead of Saturday’s US Mega Millions draw, The Lottery Office studied the “luckiest” and “most overdue” numbers, along with the most fortunate locations so far this year.

The number 58 was crowned the luckiest number, having been drawn six times so far.

Followed by 19 and 61, which have both been drawn five times from the main pool of numbers.

The most drawn ‘mega’ numbers are one, seven, 11, 14, 16, and 24 which have so far been all be drawn three times.

“Will the most drawn numbers keep dropping or will the tide turn and the numbers that haven’t been seen for a while begin to drop?’’ she said.

For many players the big question will be whether they will back the numbers which have been the luckiest so far this year, or those that are overdue to be drawn.

The numbers 48 was identified as being the most overdue number to be called into play, having not been drawn for 85 previous draws.

Followed by 32, absent for 34 draws, number nine for 31 draws and the number 28 not showing up for 30 draws.

This year, Lake Albert in NSW has been the luckiest suburb in terms of total winnings paid.

It’s followed by Kirkham, also in NSW, and Paradise Point in Queensland.

The top five suburbs with the most winners have been Surfers Paradise and Southport in Queensland, Point Cook and Melbourne in Victoria and Castle Hill in New South Wales.

Ms Wood said The Lottery Office, frequently offered tickets in lotteries with jackpots in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

“When Australians purchase tickets in our lotteries, we purchase a matching ticket in the relevant overseas draw,’’ Ms Wood said.

The Lottery Office, allows Aussies a shot at the massive US prize pool through its government-licensed USA Mega Lotto, which is matched to the US Mega Millions lottery.

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In a draw earlier this week on Wednesday, three players took home a Division 2 prize of more than AUD$1.5 million.

“We will be crossing our fingers that whatever numbers are drawn, an Aussie will have picked them, and we will have Australia’s newest millionaire,’’ Ms Wood said.

Tickets for Saturday’s draw in the USA Mega Lotto are available through The Lottery Office until 10am AEST on Saturday.