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Huge safety hazard found in kids toys

Written by on May 18, 2024

A line of products for young children, sold by the same baby brand across multiple Aussie stores and online, have been recalled over major fears they could lead to choking, suffocation or death in kids.

Product Safety Australia (PSA) has recalled a number of Romper & Co children’s toys after it was found they did not comply with the mandatory standard in place for toys for children aged 36 months and younger.

PSA warns the toys in question pose a “risk of choking, suffocation or death to young children if they put small or dislodged parts into their mouth.”

Parents are being urged to check their children’s toy boxes for the products, and are advised to immediately stop using them and keep them out of their children’s reach.

“Consumers should return the product to their place of purchase or contact Romper & Co to arrange a refund,” the recall notice reads.

The hazardous products, which were sold between 20 December 2020 and 25 February 2024, are:

  • a silicone and wooden circular teether and sensory toy (known as a “360 teether”);
  • a rattan rattle in the shape of an acorn, containing a bell (“acorn rattan rattle”);
  • a wooden barbell-shaped rattle with 3 wooden rings around the wooden stick (“wooden barbell rattle”);
  • wooden egg-shaped musical shakers and sensory toys (“egg shakers”); and
  • wooden maraca musical instruments (“wooden toy maracas”).

Aside from Romper & Co, traders who sold the products include Broome Thyme, Campus & Co, Charleston Trading, Eclectic Broken Hill, Hey There Tallulah, I em clothing, Kinfolk Collective, Lake Kids Boutique, Little Fawn & Co, Little GC, Little Loves & You, Logan & Roo, Lou + Mae, Mordialloc Florist, Olli Loves, Salt Bush & Surf

Sohl store and The Little Toy Shop.

Separate recalls notices have been issued for other Romper & Co products, including a two piece children’s bamboo cotton pyjama set, which was sold between 9 December 2022 and 26 October 2023.

Parents are advised to stop their children from wearing the pyjama set, which was available in blue, white, beige and pink, because of its failure to comply with the requirements of the mandatory safety standard for nightwear for children.

“The product does not have the correct fire hazard label,” and there is a “risk of serious burn injuries if the affected sleepwear is exposed to a heat or flame source,” PSA’s recall notice states.

Children’s sunglasses from the brand have also recalled due to their failure to comply with the mandatory standard for sunglasses and fashion spectacles.

The sunglasses do not have the required UV label, and there is the “risk of serious eye damage or vision impairment if consumers use the sunglasses incorrectly due to the missing

information” because “consumers may not be aware of the level of protection the sunglasses provide,” PSA’s recall notice says.

The recall applies to “Teddy Matte” (in pink, taupe, beige and baby blue) and “Vogue” sunglasses (in black, taupe, white, pink and green) sold between 10 February 2021 and 4 May 2024.

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Consumers are advised to stop using the sunglasses and pyjamas, and to return them or contact Romper & Co to have the fire warning or UV labelling applied or arrange a refund.

Parents are also being urged to keep Romper & Co’s fingerless glove mittens, which have an animal face design with glued on eyes, away from children, due to the risk of choking, suffocation or death from the eyes detaching from the gloves.

The mittens were sold between 2 June 2022 and 9 March 2024.