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Girlfriend’s heartbreaking tribute to slain brothers

Written by on June 28, 2024

The devastated girlfriend of one of the Australian brothers killed on a surf trip in Mexico has issued a heartbreaking tribute to her boyfriend just two months after his death.

Brothers Callum, 33, and Jake, 31, Robinson were killed alongside their American friend Jack Carter Rhoad, 30, after they went missing in late April while on a surf trip in Baja California.

The trio vanished on April 27, with family and friends desperately asking for help to locate them after they failed to check into their Airbnb.

Mexican police allege the three men were shot in the head by locals attempting to steal the tyres from their pick-up truck.

Their bodies were found at the bottom of a well, a short distance from the campsite.

In the weeks following the trio’s death, countless family and friends left tributes to the three men.

In a touching tribute to her partner, American woman Emily Horwath , shared a devastating post to Instagram on Friday detailing the intense impact Callum had on her during their relationship.

She said she found it difficult to write tributes to Callum as she didn’t want to accept the “reality”.

Ms Horwath detailed how the couple met while they were both on dates with other people.

Callum had asked if she was using a spare chair their table and when the pair locked eyes they both said “wait … I know you”.

“And that was it,” Ms Horwath said.

She described the pair’s relationship as something that aligned with ‘the red string theory’, saying the two of them were connected for life through an invisible string.

“From the moment we met, our connection was undeniable,” she wrote.

The American woman said their relationship was “the most magical connection”.

“That’s exactly how I would describe Callum, he was magic,” she said.

“He lived and loved life … and life loves him back.”

Callum woke up everyday with a “passion” and “determination” to leave a positive imprint on the world, she said.

She said he wanted to leave the world a better place.

While she isn’t sure she could live through a world without Callum, having to navigate it now was a world “of unimaginable grief”.

“The grief is heavy and drowning because the love for him is so immense,” Ms Horwath said.

She also shared touching tributes to Jake and Mr Rhoad, saying the men loved adventure and squeezed the most out of their time on earth.

“The pain the world feels losing Callum, Jake and Carter is deep beyond explanation,” she wrote.

“You don’t come across humans like them very often, if ever in your lifetime. And if you do, cherish them.”

A fourth person has now been arrested in connection to the alleged murders, after the brother’s bodies were discovered 10 metres down a well.

The authorities have not disclosed any details of the man arrested.

The trio’s bodies were found weeks after their disappearance near their remote campsite, with three Mexicans arrested soon after.

Police were able to make the initial three arrests after one of the brothers’ mobile phones was turned back on and pinged a local tower.

A woman was found in possession of the phone as well as some illicit drugs.

She was arrested along with two other men.

The incident is believed to be a “robbery gone wrong”, with Mexican authorities alleging the three men were shot in the head by locals attempting to steal the tyres from their pick-up truck.

Jesus Gerardo, the accused ringleader of the trio also known as “El Kekas”, faced court and is set to remain behind bars until his hearing in November later this year.

Mr Gerardo was arrested along with his brother Cristian Alejandro and girlfriend Ari Gisel.

The Brothers were commemorated by their friends and family in a paddle out at Sorrento Beach, north of Perth this month, six weeks after they were killed.