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Feud erupts over 23 mattresses left on drive

Written by on June 28, 2024

A furious Melburnian has complained after a rubbish removal company allegedly dumped 23 mattresses on their driveway after a dispute over an invoice.

The anonymous poster said they had hired a junk removal company to pick up some rotten mattresses from their block, claiming the original ad was for $39.

“That was followed by contact from two random mobile numbers asking for a photo of the rubbish, (which) we sent, conformation of our address, which we sent,” the person wrote.

“They responded with a thumbs up emoji.

“They came today and removed the junk and sent us an invoice for $500. My husband queried it and the owner called him and lost his mind screaming and threatening us.

“He told us he would dump 63 mattresses on our front lawn ‘as per his terms and conditions’.

“He’s arguing that he sent more information on the price and the terms and conditions to my husband’s email which we never received.

“Tonight he said if we didn’t pay by 5pm he was coming around tomorrow.”

The person said the additional charges were sent to a junk folder in their email inbox.

“The bill came to over $500 for a small amount of rubbish. So even his buried pricing of $99 per cubic metre was grossly overestimated on the final bill,” the post continued.

“Today he dumped 23 mattresses on our driveway blocking our access. The police called him and he said we’d been sent his terms and conditions saying he had the right to dump the same amount of rubbish back on our property.

“We didn’t sign or agree to that at all. So the police won’t help. It’s unbelievable! This is their business model!.”

In recent years, households across Victoria have voiced their frustration after having the frequency of their general rubbish collection cut in half.

Weekly collections have been replaced by the new Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) system under the four-stream plan, which in five years will be rolled out in all of the state’s 79 councils.

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Under the scheme, every council is required to have standardised bin colours and names by 2027, with collection cycles to be determined by each council.

The fortnightly general waste pick-up, which has been introduced for Bayside, Banyule, Monash, Glen Eira, Boroondara and Nillumbik councils, has created sharp division among residents.

By 2027, all Victorian councils will have four streamlined waste management processes including all general waste being called “household rubbish” and having a red lid, a FOGO bin with a green lid, a mixed recycling bin with a yellow lid, and a glass bin with a purple lid.