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Dad’s ‘genius’ garden hack

Written by on May 19, 2024

An Aussie dad’s clever idea for trimming his towering hedge has been hailed as the epitome of working smarter, not harder.

The clip shared by the man’s daughter on TikTok shows her father using a lawnmower attached to a crane to trim the hedges in his front yard.

“I’m visiting my parents and my dad wanted me to check out how he trims his hedge,” she said in the video. “Apparently, it involves this truck, and his crane.”

Aussies stunned by dad’s ‘genius’ garden hack

The video begins with the man hooking the lawnmower’s handle to a crane before lining up his lawnmower invention with the top of the hedge as the mower kicks into gear.

“Oh my god,” his daughter can be heard saying.

He could then be seen driving his truck alongside the hedge and down the driveway, as the mower trims off the top layer of leaves.

Laughing at the invention, his daughter said: “The little engine that could”.

Aussies wasted no time to weigh in on his unique method.

“He’s an ideas man,” one person rote.

“Now that’s initiative, good on ya mate,” a second commented.

A third wrote: “This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, your dads a legend.”

As the six minute video continues the Queensland resident is shown setting up to make a second attempt at the hedge, and can be seen ducking under the mower to get back into his truck.

This brazen move prompts his daughter, who is still filming, to laugh and can be heard commenting “Ahh. this is dangerous”.

Some online viewers questioned if his idea is “genius” or “crazy”.

“I’m not sure if this is crazy, or genius or both,” one commented.

“So dangerous,” another wrote.

This isn’t the first time a gardener has used a lawnmower in an unconventional manner and drawn speculation from the online community.

Nathan Stafford, a well-known Sydney gardener from Nathan’s Lawns and Gardens, shared a video last month, demonstrating his method of fitting a large pile of garden waste into his already full green bin.

The video shows, Mr Stafford empty the bins contents onto the sidewalk where he then runs his lawnmower over the garden waste and mulches it down to almost nothing.

“I poured it all into a pile and I got my lawnmower out and mulched it all up,” he said.

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The social media figure then rakes up the now mulched contents and puts it back in the bin.

He said this method is helpful if you want to prevent the bin from overflowing and it was the “greatest law-moving hack you’ll ever see”.

“All in all it took me about four to five minutes,” Mr Stafford said.