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Bodybuilder killed partner in 6-knife frenzy

Written by on May 22, 2024

Killer bodybuilder Sven Lindemann will be sentenced today after pleading guilty to the fatal frenzied six-knife stabbing of his partner Monique Lezsak after she attempted to end their relationship.

Lindemann, 52, will appear before Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth in the Victorian Supreme Court at 9.30am on Wednesday, where he faces a maximum life sentence for the murder of Lezsak, and recklessly injuring her 10-year-old daughter, who has been given the pseudonym Lily, on May 30, 2023.

Hours after Ms Lezsak ended their relationship, Lindemann stabbed his ex-partner 17 times on her head, neck and chest in their Endeavour Hills house, in Melbourne’s southeast.

Graphic details were revealed in previous hearings, which detailed how Lily, who was found covered in her mother’s blood, saw Ms Lezsak dragged from the bedroom, to the kitchen, after Lindemann’s knife broke.

In total, Lindemann used six knives in the attack, and inflicted seven stab wounds and 10 slashing wounds on Ms Lezsak, with Lily sustaining five wounds in the attack.

The court was told Lily managed to disarm Lindemann twice, before she called triple-0, with the attack unfolding while Lily’s twin brother was in a nearby room.

The court also previously heard, Lindemann continued to blame the attack on Ms Lezsak in jailhouse conversations with his parents.

“She shouldn’t have started something with the other man. That’s why, that’s why, it was as though she poured petrol onto the fire,” he was recorded saying.

“That woman wrecked everything for me.”

Lindemann ordered to stop ‘crocodile tears’

Prior to adjourning the case for sentencing earlier this month, Justice Hollingworth said Lindemann had committed the “terrible” act after a day of “seething”.

“He was so angry he dragged her through the house, he grabbed six different knives and was able to break two of them in the process,” she said.

“He was not deterred by a 10-year-old girl trying to stop him … He was out of control, ferocious and determined to kill her.”

Justice Hollingworth also admonished the bodybuilder for wailing in court, demanding he “stop the crocodile tears”.

“It’s not remotely persuasive. It’s a bit late for him to pretend he’s remorseful,” she said.

“The evidence is completely to the contrary. He still maintains she ruined his life, he doesn’t accept that he killed her and ruined his own life.”

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