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Anthony Albanese’s plan to evict man who sang his praises as a great landlord

Written by on May 16, 2024

Landlord Anthony Albanese is evicting a longstanding tenant who once sang his praises as a “great dude” and even served him beers and snags at a cult restaurant featuring a bizarre shrine to the PM.

Jim Flanagan, 45, a Labor voter and former owner of The Sausage Factory, a brewery and snaggery in the trendy Sydney inner west suburb of Dulwich Hill, learned the grim news from his real estate agent, The Daily Telegraph reported on Wednesday.

He is the ex-partner of self-described “Sausage Queen” Chrissy Flanagan who rose to prominence after her TikToks went viral where she praised the Prime Minister as a fantastic landlord.

But now Mr Flanagan, a small business owner, has issued a public plea to the PM not to kick him out warning it will “kill me”.

Mr Flanagan, who has lived at the three-bedroom townhouse in Dulwich Hill, 9km from Sydney’s CBD, for the past four years, said he accepted the PM was within his rights as landlord but it was a crushing blow.

“This will kill me, it’s a crippling blow right now,” Mr Flanagan told the publication.

“I have mixed emotions in calling this out. I voted for Albo at the last election and am broadly a supporter of his policies.”

While he understands Mr Albanese has a right to evict him, he said it just “doesn’t sit well” given there are so many Aussies, like him, who are finding the cost-of-living crisis difficult to navigate.

Below market rent

Mr Albanese famously dropped Mr Flanagan’s rent to $680 during Covid, and had not raised it since.

It appears to be going for well below market rates, given that a three-bedroom townhouse currently available for rent in Dulwich Hill is going for $800 a week.

Mr Flanagan said the PM had been “very generous” in managing the rent.

Mr Albanese has confirmed he plans to sell the property ahead of his wedding to Jodi Haydon.

“I’ve had changes in my personal life so I’ve decided to sell the property,” Mr Albanese said.

In correspondence obtained by The Daily Telegraph, the real estate agent gave the tenant three months to vacate.

“Please be advised that the landlord requires vacant possession of the property … 90 days after the service of this letter,” it states.

In a text, the agent confirmed that the decision was “aligned with the landlord” and he may be selling the home at some point.

Mr Albanese purchased the investment rental property for $1.175 million in 2015. It’s now estimated to be worth between $1.9 and $2.2 million, according to CoreLogic.

He rents out his former home, with a backyard pool, in nearby Marrickville for $1350 a week.

‘Albo is my landlord’

In a video shared to TikTok, former tenant Chrissy Flanagan previously revealed she was surprised when she signed her lease about two-and-a-half years ago and saw her new home was owned by the Labor leader.

“So, Albo, by total coincidence, is my landlord,” said Ms Flanagan, who also ran The Sausage Factory.

“I didn’t know that until I went to sign the lease.”

However, before she signed the lease she posed for photographs with him on a sausage collaboration and repeatedly referred to him as “Hot Albo” in online posts.

In one photo on her social media account she brandishes a pink knitted sausage while posing in front of “a shrine” to the Labor leader.

“I have plans for you, #hotalbo. Knitted sausage plans. I’m in at The Sausage Factory all night if you care to collaborate on this living @AlboMP shrine,” she wrote.

The Sausage Factory, which has now closed, was in Mr Albanese’s inner Sydney electorate of Grayndler.

In another post she retweeted then Prime Minister Scott Morrison is described as a “sausage biscuit” and an “idiot”.

The day before the 2019 election she wrote that Mr Albanese was “a beast”.

She revealed that because her business was struggling from the first lockdown Mr Albanese reduced her rent by 25 per cent – and has left it at that price ever since.

“And admittedly things still are patchy in the hospitality sector, but I don’t think other people are still getting that sort of support from their landlords.”

Ms Flanagan said she wanted to share what type of person Mr Albanese was on a small scale.

“No one knows about this. Of course I felt compelled to tell you about it now. But he never asked me to,” she says in the video.

“I don’t know if he remembers that this house or I exist, he’s got a lot on at the moment.

“How cool is it that someone who is a politician will do whatever they can do on a small scale, the things they want to do on a big scale.”

She finishes her video saying “he’s just a good dude, he’s a really good dude” before telling people to vote for him.

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“I have a sausage business and Albo has always been very cool to me, from when I started doing breweries several years ago,” she said.

“He would pop in and have a sausage.

“Over the years I’ve gotten to know him, and the last election we collaborated on a sausage and launched a democracy sausage.”

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