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American podcaster brands Australia ‘lamest country on earth’ in bizarre rant

Written by on May 17, 2024

An American podcaster has lashed out at Australia in an emotional rant, branding us “lame” and “weak” in a recent video.

Matt Walsh is a right-wing commentator whose favourite pastime is getting his knickers in a knot about people being “woke” and then whinging about it on the internet.

In one of his latest rants, he appears to have taken issue with Australia, revealing his opinion of the country has plummeted in recent years.

“Before Covid, I thought Australia was, first of all, an absolute hellscape where poisonous spiders rained from the sky. That part is true,” he said in a recent video posted to TikTok.

“But I further thought that anyone who lives there, these have to be the toughest sons of b***hes on the planet.”

American podcaster calls Australia 'lame'

Walsh revealed he thought it was a “whole country of Steve Irwins” but has now come to the realisation Australia is the “weakest, wokest, lamest country on Earth”.

“How is that possible? And if you have this few survival skills, how are you living in the country to begin with?” he asked.

Walsh is known for spewing a strong anti-transgender and anti-LGBTQI+ rhetoric.

His 2022 film, What Is a Woman?, was heavily criticised by transgender groups and activists, with the magazine Current Affairs describing it has a “feature-length attack on transgender people that accuses them of being delusional about reality and posing a threat to women and children”.

In February 2023, the podcaster claimed that having a child come out as transgender would be a “fate worse than death”. Later that same month, he claimed he would “rather be dead” than have one of his children come out as transgender.

He has also previously referred to pride flags as a “hate symbol” and encouraged people to treat them with “disdain”.

Walsh has openly stated that same-sex couples should not be allowed to adopt children.

The snippet of Walsh’s Australia whinge that was shared on TikTok, forms part of a longer YouTube video in which he speaks about the “woke” Australian version of the survival show, Alone.

Alone Australia is based on the hit US version of the series and involves ten people being dropped off alone in separate areas of remote wilderness who then compete to see who can last the longest.

Walsh claimed it was “unintentionally the funniest show” he has ever seen, branding it “Alone: DEI Edition”, with DEI standing for diversity, equity and inclusion.

He complained that the show’s producers did not select “gritty, skilled survivalist types’ as contestants, claiming they were more concerned with being politically correct.

“So they ended up with two lesbians, two people who claimed to be Indigenous, this Gen Z environmentalist guy, and other people, most of whom are totally unqualified for wilderness survival at all,” he said.

“One of the lesbians … stared crying and dropped out after one night.

“This Indigenous guy, he spends the whole first day going on about how he is Indigenous, and he is in touch with nature, and he can do this because he is Indigenous. And then he starts crying and drops out after 24 hours because he was lonely.”

Walsh lamented the “woke environmental regulations” that meant endangered wildlife was not allowed to be hunted.

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“They can’t even use a fishing net because the endangered platypus might get caught in the net,” he said.

“It is a bunch of woke, whiny liberals sitting around crying and starving in the forest.

“I am sure there are great people in Australia, but my opinion of Australians has just plummeted.”